The creation of local government as the third tier of government is purposely to move governance to the grassroots. There are 774 local governments across the 36 States and the FCT of the federation, with Oyo state having 33 local governments recognized by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

During the administration of late Alh Lamidi Adesina, there was an attempt to create Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), but all efforts then failed as the LCDAs were merely named but not functional.

During the second term of the immediate past governor Abiola Ajimobi, the agitations to create the LCDAs came up again and eventually 35 LCDAs were created out of the 33 LGs across the zones in the state. Asabari LCDA was carved out of the Saki West Local Government on 20th October,2016. The Asabari Hil from which the LCDA derived her name is a historic Hill as  it was there the Saki warriors took shield to conquer the enemies. The LCDA has Okere palace as one of her tourist attractions, same as the Oge Dam, Asabari Hill, Oloogun forest as well as Amule Hill at Baabo.The expanse of land is good for growth of various cash crops like cotton, cashew, and grains like wheat, rice, maize, guinea corn, beans etc. In a nutshell the LCDA is the food basket of Sakiland and its  environs.

The Oyo State of Nigeria’ Gazette of 20th October, 2016, spelt out the names of the LCDAs, their descriptions or compositions and their respective headquarters are specified in paragraph B of schedule 7 to the Principal Law.

The LCDA has a very wide expanse of land as it shares boundary with Benin Republic to the South and Kwara state to the west. From the headquarters of the LCDA ,i.e Kinnikinni to Okerete there is distance of about a hundred kilometers with some towns and villages along like Ekokan,Imua, Onigbongbo, Owode, Sanisala, and finally Okerete which is the point of the proposed international Border market.If the proposal comes to reality,no doubt,it will serve as a very huge source of revenue generation for both the Federal,State and LCDA.

The Asabari LCDA also has Saki Water corporation with the functioning Dam situated at Oge. The Dam was constructed as far back as 1963.